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Now at the half way point on my initial challenge, London to Cape Town by bike, I've passed through some extremely challenging environments for people to live in. I've personally witnessed the daily struggle they endure but also the benefits charities can bring to these communities.


Cycling in Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia & Kenya, I've seen how powerful & useful the simple bicycle can be to people living in the developing world. Therefore, I've decided to raise awareness & fundraise for the charity Re-Cycle, who aim to empower people through the power of bicycles.


Re-Cycle not only accept old or unwanted bikes back in the UK & send them to rural communities in Africa, but they also work on specific projects such as 'Cycle to School'. Many school children living in rural Africa have to walk over two hours to get to school each day. This means many children don't attend & therefore miss the opportunity to be educated. With a bicycle that 2 hour journey can be cut down to 30 mins, meaning the children have more time, energy & attend school regularly. In fact, through this scheme they have recorded a 26% increase in attendance.


Having travelled for over 10,000km now, I fully appreciate the humble bicycle as a means of transportation. Therefore, I'm really excited to fundraise for an amazing cause that aims to utilise bikes to help change the lives of those who need it most.


I'm obviously starting this fundraising campaign for Re-Cycle quite late in my journey so the initial target is to raise £1,000, but hopefully we can exceed this.

Example of where your donations go:


  • £10 could send 10 puncture repair kits to a school in Ghana

  • £20 could train 2 young girls how to ride a bike confidently and safely

  • £48.00 could send a bike to school student in The Gambia


Find out more about Re-cycle & donate to help me achieve this goal below.


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