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Welcome to Travelling On Tread – My journey pedalling the world by bike

Seven and half months or so in the making and it’s finally done. My new website and blog is live and finished.

Well it’s actually never finished but rather than relaxing, recovering, reading and enjoying the views of Mt. Kenya during my 2 week break here in Nanyuki, Kenya, I’ve been jumping back on the bike every day and dragging myself to the best coffee shop in town to get it to a stage where I can start sharing it with you.

It was actually never my intention to have a website or a blog when I started my journey, but since I left so many people that I’ve met on the road have asked me if I have a blog or website where they can follow my journey. Along with that, you’ll see that I’m now trying to raise funds and awareness for two charities that use the humble bicycle to improve people’s lives. So, I guess timing was right and that I sat down and got to it.

What to expect

As you will see there’s still plenty to do but there’s a lot more to expect in the future, including:

  • Weekly Journal entries (hopefully, it really depends on my access to Wifi)

  • Updates to photo galleries (as above)

  • Video content

  • Regular updates on social media

  • Updates on my fundraising campaign

Obviously, there’s always there’s room for improvement. So, if you have any feedback, ideas or recommendations on the site or content produced then please comment or feel free to get in touch.

Finally, for some of you, you’ve probably already been following my journey on social media, but for most this probably the first time you’ve heard of me or my journey. So, I guess an introduction is in order with a bit of an explanation as to why have I chosen to do travel the world with my bike? why I’ve decided to write about it? and why I’ve chosen to start it now?

You can read more about that in my next Journal entry.

But for now, I hope you like the new site and enjoy following my journey as I continue on to South Africa and hopefully beyond.

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