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Keep craig rolling


Having decided to start fundraising half way through his trip, I would love to be really make a difference to the charities I'm working with by being able to stay on the road as long as possible & turn his already incredible journey to Cape Town by bike into an epic journey around the world.

Through my time cycling around the world I would ideally like to match the money raised to the distance travelled, so considering I've already covered over 10,000km that could mean a great deal to those benefitted by the charities I'm working with.

To help keep me rolling on around the world after reaching Cape Town, any donations that could be used towards future visa applications, non-bike related travel (crossing oceans), unexpected loss/repair/replacement of bike or parts, or occasional campsites/hotels to produce/edit content, would be greatly appreciated. 

Prints of my photographs can also be exchanged for donations, please get in touch for details.

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