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Having travelled for over 10,000km now, I fully appreciate the humble bicycle as a means of transportation, however, I've also personally felt the mental health & physical benefits that cycling can bring to you. A bicycle is more than a useful tool to get you from A to B.


After coming across Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) on social media & learning more about what they do, I have decided that I would love to fundraise & raise awareness for a charity that uses the bicycle to empower children to regain their physical fitness, strength and confidence by giving them new bikes, adapted trikes, tandems, other equipment and support.


I completely stand behind the work the that Cyclists Fighting Cancer are doing, the research they are funding & the lives they are helping. I believe CFC can really make a difference & I'm really excited to work with them.


Obviously, as I'm starting this fundraising campaign for Cyclists Fighting Cancer quite late in my journey, my initial target is to raise £1,000, but I hope we can massively exceed this.


Find out more about Cyclists Fighting Cancer & donate to help me achieve this goal below.


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