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Having travelled nearly 20,000km to date, I left the UK in September 2018 to cycle through Europe and then rode the length of the African continent.


My African adventure begun in Egypt the journey continued down through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and many more countries, taking me all the way down to Cape Town, South Africa.

From there, my trip will continue by cycling the length of Americas - starting in October 2019.


I believe that bicycles can dramatically change people's lives for the better, not only in the developing world but also back home in the UK.

So, through the duration of my journey I'm aiming to raise awareness & fundraise for 2 charities that use the humble bicycle to change the world.

TRAVEL Journal

Read about my journey so far, along with other tales & thoughts from my travels on the bike.

I'll try to keep you regularly updated whilst on the road, just don't expect Shakespeare.


Pictures can say a 1,000 words & my preferred medium to share my stories & journey around the world.

Through my lenses I wants to invite you to come along for the ride without having to keep up with any of the leg work. 

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